Power BI for Your Organization: 2-Hr Assessment


An evaluation of how Power BI can help you make sense of data and improve data analytics.

Prologika will evaluate your data analytics objectives to determine how Power BI and Prologika can empower your organization to understand better and improve its business.


We will have interactive discussion with the decision maker to understand the desired state of data analytics and recommend next steps to bridge the gap.


  • Discover high-level gaps in current state
  • Discuss business objectives and desired state
  • Recommend ways Power BI can help you achieve the stated objectives
  • Identify next steps if Prologika is a good fit for external help, such as a proposal which may include training, implementation services, or a formal planning phase for more complex implementations


This offer is meant as a strategic discussion and targets decision makers planning to adopt or efficiently use Power BI. The offer is not for resolving specific technical issues. Our hope is that your organization would consider partnering with us to help you implement the stated objectives after the initial complimentary and satisfactory consultation. Please look out for an automated email and reply with the intake information we ask for.

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