Power BI for Business Performance: 2-Hr Briefing


An overview of how Power BI and Microsoft Data Platform can help your organization improve Business Performance Management (budgeting, planning and forecasting)

Prologika is a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner that will provide you with a free, 2-hour briefing on how our customers derived tremendous value from our solution for Business Performance Management.

Business Performance Management (BPM) is a methodology to help the company predict its performance. An integral part of a BPM strategy is a process for budgeting, planning, and forecasting which is typically performed by the finance department. When it comes to finance, nothing is simple, and BPM is no exception. The temptation is to buy an expensive prepackaged software, but even that route would require a lot of customization and compromises.


By the end of this briefing you will understand how Power BI and Microsoft BI Data Platform can:

  • Automate retrieval of actuals
  • Deliver a highly customizable solution that meets complex business needs
  • Allow management to gain immediate access to actuals, budget, and forecast
  • Eliminate unnecessary manual data entry and data errors
  • Analyze the company's performance by various perspectives
  • Dramatically reduce licensing cost using the software that you probably already own and avoid expensive "high-end" software, such as Oracle Hyperion

Note This offer is meant as a strategic discussion and targets decision makers interested in improving the planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes. The offer is not for resolving specific technical issues. Our hope is that your organization would consider partnering with us to help you implement the stated objectives after the initial complimentary and satisfactory consultation. Please look out for an automated email and reply with the intake information we ask for.

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