Red Thread Broadcast Studio: 1 Hour Briefing

Red Thread Spaces LLC

Simple to use and affordable, we provide a broadcast quality experience for remote participants highlighting your current Microsoft 365 applications

We are all trying to find better ways to work and remotely, and we need a collaborative experience that’s even better than being in the room together. Red Thread has developed the Broadcast Studio to provide high production broadcast quality within a simple to use and affordable solution. The Red Thread Broadcast Studio supports virtual interactive 1:many presentations and collaboration.

Red Thread Broadcast Studio is simple to use and scalable while engaging audiences and providing a better presenter experience. Using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, presenters can interact with both the audience, maintaining eye contact, as well as their content in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more!

This one-hour virtual briefing will include a live demonstration of the Red Thread Broadcast Studio as well as personalized examples of how this technology is currently used in corporations and higher education institutions.

Distance learning has forever changed. Through research, we know that it’s more engaging for students to see instructors interact directly with content, annotating and drawing live while maintaining eye contact. Using your existing Microsoft 365 environment, means this instuctor-led experience requires very little training. By capitalizing on the products educators are already using such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, the Red Thread Broadcast Studio delivers virtual interactive, engaging remote learning sessions.

Why the Red Thread Broadcast Studio? -Technology is easy to implement and deploy across your organization -Economical broadcast capability while maintaining professional audio and video quality -A system that is a web conferencing platform agnostic -See the presenter in a natural setting -See content alongside the presenter in context -Get feedback in real-time with the chat function and live poll feature -Experience the feeling of being in front of a live audience -Simple touchscreen controls -Ability to create content and annotate live during the presentation -Utilize Microsoft 365 built in accessibility features

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