Teams Launch: 1-Day Briefing

Reply Ltd

Free briefing to help you discover the value Microsoft Teams can bring to your organisation. Discover how other Microsoft 365 tools within Microsoft Teams will bring additional benefits. ​

Our 1-Day Briefing will introduce you to our approach to your initial Teams Launch. We take a Microsoft Teams first approach, helping our clients to see the value Microsoft Teams brings, and how other Office 365 tools, within Teams, bring additional benefits.

• Information worker focused. • Light discovery to launch Microsoft Teams as a new tool – beginning of the Teams adoption journey • Start to embed behaviours • Comms key focus on ‘what’s in it for me’ • Introductory Teams training and reinforcement plan

At the end of the briefing we will be able to recommend and document the right approach and tailor a package for your organisation’s launch.

At WM Reply, we put employee experience front and centre of everything we do. All employees, no matter their role, should feel that the technology provided to them helps to make their experience easy, whether that’s calling a colleague, accessing their daily tasks or downloading their payslip. Our Prosci-certified Adoption and Change Management team has the skills and experience to truly embed change. Our packages are designed to take any client through their tech change project, whether it’s introducing the frontline to Microsoft Teams or embedding Power Platform and building a Citizen Developer network.

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