Fortis Assessment Microsoft Online Security

Sentinel Technologies Inc.

Reduce risk with rapid actionable recommendations to harden your Office 365 & Azure A.D. services

Fortis' Microsoft Online Security Assessment focuses on scripted and rapid inspection of your AzureA.D., Office 365, and on-premise email services to check for security best practices and potential risks. It identifies immediately actionable insights for review and correction in order to help harden your environment and improve your security posture. Following a quick scripted data evaluation, Fortis experts review results and provide actionable insights for your environment. A post-assessment consultation will provide top recommendations and actions that can be taken by your team of Fortis experts. Fortis' data analysis of your Office 365 and Azure A.D. environment focuses on: • Audit log suspicious events • Authentication federations • Potentially tampered with token certs • Legacy authentication use • Mail forwarding, overexposed consent, suspicious service principals • Privileged access control • Alignment of environment to vendor and partner best practices

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