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Dynamics AX Migration: 1-Day Assessment

Sikich, LLP.

An assessment that demonstrates the importance of migrating off old systems, and shows you the tools and services that can simplify the process.

Upgrading your ERP system can be a stressful process, with so many opportunities for things to go wrong. Sometimes you think it would just be easier to suffer through the deficiencies of your current system, rather than disrupt the business.

Our proven consulting methodology tools and services provide predictable and successful project outcomes. By utilizing best practices, we help you bring your data and business processes forward to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Your business needs ERP that is transformative and running an outdated ERP system doesn’t support the business environment in which you and your competitors operate.

For Dynamics AX 2009 customers this means bringing opening balances, and the chart of accounts and customer data to the cloud. You will learn how to use Power BI to leverage historical data that is not migrated.

For Dynamics AX 2012 customers the tools will help bring all their current and historical data to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Take advantage of:

  • Continuous innovation with a click of a button.

  • Rich customizations without costly code upgrade.

  • New features introduced as opt-in enable at a time that works for your business.


  • A clear understanding of what migrating to the cloud looks like and what it will mean for your specific business.

  • A firm grasp on how to use robust tools and services for simplified and predicable upgrades and migrations that reduce time and cost.