Teams Phone Pilot by SoftwareOne


Pilot modern calling capabilities with Microsoft Teams Phone

SoftwareOne can help determine if Calling for Microsoft Teams is the right fit for your organization by letting your users experience it for themselves with a Pilot.

Now more than ever, organisations need a modern voice solution and phone system capabilities that combines unified communication and teamwork. Microsoft Teams Phone by Microsoft 365 provides the capabilities organisations need to deliver seamless, collaborative experiences for employees,external partners, and customers.

A Teams Calling Pilot from SoftwareOne will provide you with an accelerated hands-on experience to demonstrate the value of Microsoft Teams Phone.

We will configure and set up a fully functional Phone Services and Phone Plan system inside of your own tenant using our best practices configurations, and activate it against up to 90 of your users. The result is a fully functional proof of concept pilot that grants your organization the ability to see the real-world benefits of Microsoft Teams' voice services inside of your own environment, and can serve as a launchpad to scale this out to the rest of your organization quickly and seamlessly afterward.

Our experts will help you enable your top use cases in your environment, providing comprehensive training and support for your pilot end users and administrators. Through this process, we will identify any potential blockers or challenges, allowing you to develop an actionable plan with clear next steps and workstreams for a successful and seamless integration of Microsoft Teams Phone across your organisation. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to transform your communication strategy with Microsoft Teams Phone. Act now and request your access to the pilot programme to experience the future of Microsoft Teams Calling firsthand.

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