The R3 Unified Device Management Suite revolutionizes how businesses manage their digital ecosystem. Devices-Apps-Conditional Access-Compliance-Productivity

The R3 Unified Device Management Suite revolutionizes how businesses manage their digital ecosystem. Our suite seamlessly integrates Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Conditional Access, providing a holistic solution for device security, compliance, and productivity. Let’s explore the key components:

MDM with R3 Flair: Our MDM offering goes beyond the basics. It’s not just about device enrollment; it’s about orchestrating a symphony of control. With real-time insights, granular policies, and automated compliance checks, R3 MDM ensures devices are secure, optimized, and ready for work.

Extending to MAM and Conditional Access: R3 bridges the gap between MDM and MAM. Our suite allows seamless app distribution, updates, and access controls. Whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our Conditional Access policies ensure that only authorized users and compliant devices access corporate resources.

Intune Management for All Platforms: Say goodbye to silos. R3 extends its reach to Windows and macOS. Manage endpoints across the board, from laptops to tablets. Intune becomes your Swiss Army knife, simplifying management and enhancing user experiences. App Deployments with ABM and Google Play: R3 streamlines app deployments. Whether it’s Apple Business Manager (ABM) or Google Play, we ensure apps reach the right users hassle-free. Our security controls layer adds an extra shield, protecting data and privacy.

Compliance Templates as-a-Service: Compliance isn’t a checkbox; it’s a journey. R3 offers turnkey compliance templates. From security baselines to auditing and patching, we keep your organization aligned with industry standards. Intune becomes your compliance co-pilot.

Intune: Not Your Grandparents’ MDM/MAM: R3 redefines Intune. It’s not just about managing devices; it’s about orchestrating a digital symphony. Workstations, laptops, tablets—Intune harmonizes them all. Say hello to a modern, agile management platform. Extending to Servers (On-Premises and Cloud): Servers matter too. R3 extends its management plane to on-premises servers using Azure ARC. In the cloud, our Defender for Cloud products fortify your defenses. And yes, we’ve got your servers’ backs.

CLOUD SOC with Sentinel: R3’s Security Operations Center (SOC) leverages Azure Sentinel. Real-time threat detection, incident response, and proactive monitoring—your entire infrastructure under one protective umbrella. Defender for Endpoint P2 Features: We don’t stop at the basics. Advanced threat protection, vulnerability management, and automated response—R3 deploys Defender for Endpoint P2 features like a seasoned pro.

Conclusion: R3 Unified Device Management Suite isn’t just a product; it’s a symphony of security, compliance, and productivity. Let’s orchestrate success together!

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