Desktop as a Service - Migration from on-premises services to Microsoft Cloud solutions

Synergy Advisors LLC

Synergy Advisors Next-Gen Windows/Endpoints integrations for end-user computing, including Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Managed Desktop, and Windows 11, secured by Microsoft Defender.

Synergy Advisors Next-Gen Windows/Endpoints integrations to helps customers land the value proposition of Microsoft’s cloud solutions for end-user computing.

The implementation includes advanced technologies such as Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Managed Desktop and Windows 11 Enterprise complemented with Microsoft Defender solutions managed by Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM). These initiatives are intended to be delivered based on customer maturity, and business needs, and scoped with activities from assessments, workshops, proof of concept (PoC), pilots on productive environments, and of course, their deployments, onboarding, massification, and migrations.

Some of the activities of the process:

  • Understanding of the customer's hybrid work scenarios, end-user computing goals, and objectives.
  • Gaining insights into a customer's physical and virtual devices landscape.
  • Provide Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, and Microsoft Managed Desktop solutions that provide a secure desktop experience from virtually anywhere, complemented by Synergy Advisors services supported by Microsoft Security solutions, to simplify management, and augment security posture.
  • Perform Windows 365 Cloud PC provisioning and management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Microsoft Defender and Identity features in the customer environment, focusing on cloud-only management for a selected group of users.


  • Persistent integration between the cloud and PC operating system for a fluid and consistent experience
  • Unified security and identity management from the cloud to the device, even on a personal device
  • Seamless compute and storage hand-offs that can rapidly scale to meet your needs
  • Ability to work offline and instantly re-sync when connected


  • SECURITY POSTURE: Improve regulatory compliance and IP protection via data centralization and a reduced threat surface with Microsoft Defender and proprietary solutions.
  • HIGH-CAPACITY COMPUTING FOR HYBRID ENVIRONMENTS: Cloud-scale compute and storage to support specialized workloads like design and development.
  • BYOPCS PROGRAMS: Enable secure Cloud PCs, even on personal devices.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY: Ensure continuity and access for your workforce and company data even in the most challenging circumstances.
  • TEMPORARY WORKFORCES: Simplify and accelerate the onboarding and offboarding process for elastic workforces.
  • MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS: Provide seamless transitions and access for growing businesses.

Activities/Scoping: Based on identify scenarios and customer requirements + prices will vary depending on chosen activities and effort.

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