Custom Power BI Visualization: 1-Day Workshop


In this workshop, you will work with a User Experience Designer and BI Architect to explore the possibilities of a custom Power BI visualization

Is your business equipped to get the greatest benefit from your data? Work with a strategic design team of UX and BI architects to design a custom Power BI visualization experience to impress your users, provide actionable insights, and give you a competitive advantage.


  • Requirements discussion
  • User experience assessment
  • Overview of utilized technologies


  • Requirements Documentation - Resulting documentation of the requirements discussion, written for a user’s point of view, to understand what the visualization should do
  • Draft visualizations sketches/wireframes - Visual guides to represent the arrangement and design of a custom visualization
  • Sample custom visual source code - ‘Bar Chart’ custom visualization code, complete with tool tips, cross filter capabilities, and more
  • Implementation Roadmap and Estimates - Estimates on amount of effort required to complete a custom visualization, and implementation roadmap to define development and product launch iterations

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