Contextual Experiences with Viva: 2 Wks Assessment

TCS - Digital Workplace

Addresses the workplace challenges, that of increased cognitive overload, fragmented attention, purposeful connections, continuous learning, insights over data and the preservation of knowledge.

The notion of experience, or employee experience as we know it and its implications for the post-pandemic workforce has undergone a significant shift. The context of our employees, customers, communities, and the organization as such, has changed dramatically. We now engage, consume, collaborate, and design in a manner that would have been inconceivable before the pandemic.

As we design holistic future experiences, it is key that we focus on the individual as a whole and not just the part where they are an employee, a systems thinking approach. It is our belief that holistic experiences would lie at the intersection of the individual, the employee, and the society.

Microsoft Viva bring together Communications, Insights, Knowledge and Learning within the flow of everyday work and collaboration, in Microsoft Teams where most the hybrid work happens these days.

Through our, Viva Consulting Offering our experts will engage with you to:

  • Empathize, engage, and identify the focus areas across empowerment, engagement, and productivity
  • Unlock art of the possible with Viva Modules
  • Evaluate fitment of TCS crafted Modern employee apps
  • Define roadmap for your employee experience journey
TCS can help envision employee experience journey leveraging:
  • TCS contextual knowledge and Human capital consulting capability
  • Holistic future experience framework, covering employee experience key element and dimensions to focus on
  • TCS' Viva Adoption Scoring Tool VAST enabling the customer organization on both technical and strategic alignment in determining MS Viva fitment and recommended adoption sequence
  • TCS' crafted and ready-to-go modern employee apps

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