Cloud Endpoints (Modern End Point Management): 3-Month Implementation

Teksystems, Inc.

Accelerate customer entry into Modern Workplace. Focus on Azure, Intune and Autopilot technologies. Build multifaceted strategy roadmaps that consider short and long term advance in maturity.

  1. User Profiles and Data Management - With the increase in mobility, users expect to have access to the data and applications on any device, anytime.
  2. Application Management - Delivery automation of applications resolves user access, user self-service, support costs, and future version release
  3. Security and Compliance - We align with regulation, security, and compliance standards of your company to streamline security management.
  4. Deployment and Maintenance - Deployment automation will decrease the costs of provisioning and updates reducing the variables that drive support costs.
  5. Communication and Training - Our approach focuses on a strategy for change documentation, communication platforms, training options, and support.
  6. Organizational Change Management - We integrate with your change management and standards to ensure minimal user disruption

Goals and Outcomes

  1. Accelerate customer adoption of Microsoft 365 a. Advance customers using current technologies such as SCCM for Windows X deployment to an Azure, End Point Manager, and Autopilot strategy. b. Consulting for the Design, Build and Configuration in Microsoft Cloud technologies to support Cloud Identity, management and access to applications, data, and the Microsoft 365 Suite of Productivity Applications
  2. Increase usage and adoption a. We provide consulting for a Roadmap and Strategy to increase IT maturity levels in specific Focus Areas to increase ability to support Microsoft 365 through the End Point Manager, Autopilot tools. We focus on User Profiles and Data management, Application Management, Security and Compliance and Deployment and Maintenance

Value to our customers

  1. Engagements are all outcome and results driven by our Professional Services a. Our Professional Services provide consulting from assessment to full service implementation for Microsoft 365 and all Management Platform tools b. Solution Architects are skilled in Microsoft 365 from the Desktop to the Cloud infrastructure to support Endpoints and provide the expertise needed for customers without the capabilities c. We provide the solution based approach and capabilities to accelerate a customers drive toward Microsoft 365 and the management systems for ongoing support i.e. Windows as a Service Update strategies and implementation, Deployment support, Compliance and Policy Configuration

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