Healthcare Analytics: 5-Day Proof of Concept

UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

Proof-of-concept for hospitals in UBTI's healthcare analytics solution with pre-built Microsoft Power BI reports uncovering in-depth insights on claims, referrals, and patients.

The healthcare industry is growing fast, and hospitals are faced with challenges that are causing delays in achieving the following objectives:

  • Optimal usage of resources
  • Improved patient care
  • Maximized profits

UB Technology Innovations, Inc. (UBTI) has come up with an analytics solution using Power BI that uncovers in-depth insights on several critical factors and enables hospitals to make the right decisions that align with organizational objectives.

In this Proof of Concept (POC), apart from bringing life to your data by connecting it with existing dashboards and reports, we also develop three additional reports on an as-needed basis. On top of it all, we do BI and Analytics consulting for hospitals with Power BI on-demand.


Day 1 - Reviewing the current process and provide the template to gather data for the PoC

Day 2 - Finalizing the scope and provisioning of Power BI subscription

Day 3 - Setup data sources for Power BI, setup of existing dashboards and reports in Power BI using your data

Day 4 - Development of three* additional reports finalized in the scope

Day 5 - Final walkthrough of POC and planning of next steps and two hours of training


  • Provisioning of Power BI license
  • Setup data sources for Power BI
  • Setup of dashboards and reports in Power BI using your data
  • Three additional reports
  • Two hours of training

*The timeline may vary based on the complexity of the additional reports

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