Windows 365: 10-day Pilot Service

Ultima Business Solutions

Ultima Business Solutions offers a 10 day, potentially funded, pilot service to help you explore the benefits of Windows 365, the cloud-based Windows experience that enables hybrid work scenarios.

What is Windows 365?

  • Windows 365 is a new service that delivers a full, personalised Windows experience from the cloud to any device.
  • Windows 365 allows you to access your Cloud PC from anywhere, with the same performance, security, and productivity as a physical PC.
  • Windows 365 supports a range of use cases, such as zero trust security, temporary work, BYOPC programs, and frontline work.

What is the 10 Day Windows 365 Pilot Service?

  • The 10 Day Windows 365 Pilot Service is a comprehensive engagement that helps you evaluate the potential of Windows 365 for your organisation.
  • The pilot service is carried out within your production environment for 5-15 users and integrated with Microsoft Intune for management and Entra ID for authentication.
  • The pilot service covers the following stages: plan, enable, and grow.
  • The plan stage includes a pre-engagement meeting, a Windows 365 overview and pilot design workshop, and a Windows 365 deployment overview and planning presentation.
  • The enable stage includes the creation and execution of a design decisions and remediations checklist, the pilot deployment, and a user training and adoption presentation.
  • The grow stage includes presentations on Windows 365 operations, Windows Autopatch, and findings and next steps.

What are the benefits of the 10 Day Windows 365 Pilot Service?

  • You will gain insights about your company’s hybrid work end-user computing goals and objectives.
  • You will experience the value proposition, key benefits, and intended user base of Windows 365.
  • You will receive expert guidance and best practices from Ultima Business Solutions, a leading Microsoft partner with extensive experience in cloud-based end-user computing solutions.
  • You will receive a detailed report with the findings and next steps for your Windows 365 journey.

What are the prerequisites and deliverables of the 10 Day Windows 365 Pilot Service?

  • You will need an active Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 subscription, a production Microsoft Entra ID tenant, a production Microsoft Intune deployment, and an Azure network connection (optional).
  • You will also need to provide administrator access to the respective components of the solution, relevant technical and business resources, and a completed Windows 365 customer questionnaire.
  • You will receive a Windows 365 pilot deployment for up to 15 users across several use cases, using an Azure Marketplace image.
  • You will also receive a pilot user training and adoption presentation, a Windows 365 operations presentation, a Windows Autopatch overview presentation, and a findings and next steps presentation.

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