Viva Connections Enablement Service: 3-Day Workshop


Three days of services designed to help organizations accelerate the planning, implementation, deployment, and adoption of Viva Connections, followed by additional sessions for findings and outputs.

Achieve a cohesive culture in a remote or hybrid workplace

Help your organization keep everyone engaged and informed by unifying people, data, and applications together in a single customized dashboard using Microsoft Viva Connections. The Viva Connections Enablement Service includes three days of services designed to help organizations accelerate the planning, implementation, deployment, and adoption of Viva Connections, followed by additional sessions to validate findings, and execute on actionable outputs.

DAY 1 - Pilot Design, Planning, & Implementation:

Day one of the program, Alithya helps customers envision and plan on how they can implement Viva Connections into their environment. Then, Alithya helps the customer implement Viva Connections based on the outputs created during the envisioning and planning sessions.

  • Define and review business challenges and objectives for improving the employee information destination.
  • Evaluate employee experience scenarios enabled through Microsoft Viva Connections capabilities.
  • Map business objectives and scenarios to Microsoft Viva Connections capabilities.
  • Review Viva Connections business data governance best practices for the dashboard, feed, and resources.
  • Establish key business results to be targeted with business leaders and define measurement, timeline, and criteria to create a Viva Connections implementation plan.
  • Select Pilot group based on challenges for initial implementation and deployment.


  • Viva Connections Implementation Plan
  • Pilot group for initial implementation and deployment

DAY 2 - Viva Connections Training Academy:

Day two of the program, Alithya will deliver an academy to customers based on best practices for implementation, deployment, and operations of Viva Connections to ensure overall success.

  • Ensure technical prerequisites are met to utilize Viva Connections to its fullest.
  • Step-by-step deployment guide ensuring best practices are followed for employee experience and usability.
  • Training from the ground up for communications teams to leverage Viva Connections to curate content for specific audiences.
  • Adaptive Card configuration to bring actionable items into a modern intranet.

DAY 3 - Enterprise Deployment and Adoption of Viva Connections:

Day three of the program, Alithya helps customers configure Viva Connections for enterprise deployment and guides them through designing and implementing a communications and training plan for increased adoption after the deployment.

  • Review pilot feedback and implement desired features based of insights from early adopters.
  • Perform the Viva Connections enterprise-wide deployment by creating a Teams permission setup policy for app deployment, by defining Viva Connections roles and assigning users to the roles.
  • Hands-on walkthrough of the deployment of Viva Connections as an enterprise Teams application.
  • Create a communications plan by designing and developing a launch plan, creating adoption assets, and by releasing assets to drive awareness.
  • Design and develop training plan, create training materials, and provide customized training for your predefined personas across the enterprise.

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