At Home Health Scheduling Solution: 3-days Assessment


3 day Diagnostic engagement to evaluate your environment (Processes, People & Technologies) and produce a cost and timeline estimate to implement a state-of-the-art Home Health Scheduling Solution

Scheduling and optimising your scarce and valuable health resources to support at-home care for your patients can be very manual and prone to human errors. Winning Formula's Home Health Scheduling Solution (HHSS) is a cutting-edge solution that allows you to efficiently align the right health resource to the right patient factoring variables such as the patient's needs, your resource's skillset, location of other patients nearby, etc.

Our solution is based on Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Field Services that we can integrate with your existing HMS (Health Management System) using Microsoft Power Automate platform and depending on the outcome of this Assessment phase, we may propose Dynamics 365 Customer Services to complement your technology ecosystem.

Some of HHSS features include an easy drag and drop scheduling board for your scheduling team, fully functional mobile app for your health resources on the road (including maps and direction), email/text notification for your patients, to mention a few.

In this 3 days HHSS Assessment engagement, we will work with you and your nominated team members to map your current scheduling processes, understand the capabilities of your scheduling teams and capture your requirements for an ideal solution to schedule your health and allied health resources for your at-home patients. By the end of the 3 days, we would have assessed your needs against our cutting edge HHSS solution and produced a costed implementation plan to deploy our solution including training your users and if/as required build any customisation including integration with your existing systems.

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