Trial to CRM Success: 4 Hour Briefing

Wipfli LLP

Four hour briefing to help organizations determine their path to a successful Dynamics 365 Sales/CRM implementation - no cost briefing from a partner experienced at driving customer success

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a powerful and flexible platform for organizations to fuel growth by optimizing customer engagement processes - including leads, sales, marketing, cross-selling, customer relationship building, and customer loyalty. When deployed thoughtfully and effectively, Dynamics 365 Sales can help organizations and teams improve sales effectiveness and outcomes, win rates, productivity, internal collaboration, mobility, profitability, and can provide better analytical tools to help with business decision-making.

How to best get there? Wipfli provides a briefing to help organizations achieve those results by leveraging the best practices learned across hundreds of successful sales/CRM-customer relationship management implementations.

If you are exploring sales management or CRM solutions, or if you have explored the Dynamics 365 trial offer, the Trial to CRM Success briefing can help you lay out a plan to success:

  • Free 4 hour briefing including:

  • Meeting with Dynamics 365/customer engagement subject matter expert to: -> Review key business objectives -> Identify functional priorities -> Explore current systems or tools in place to be replaced or integrated -> Specify measures of success -> Q&A for areas raised during Dynamics 365 trial experience

  • Subsequent meeting to review findings and recommendations:
    -> Is Dynamics 365 a good fit? -> Organizational red flags or pre-work -> Which Dynamics 365 components and costs -> Guidance for a successful Dynamcis 365 Sales implementation approach and plan

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