MyConfab on Microsoft Teams Rooms: 1 hour briefing

Wipro Ltd

This is Wipro's myConfab on Microsoft Teams with Wipro's design led consulting Services. Objective is to showcase how to transform your traditional meeting rooms to accommodate hybrid collaborations.

About this 1 hour consulting service briefing offer:

Wipro’s myConfab reimagines the hybrid work by enabling a dynamic and flexible meeting environment for all the employees irrespective of the location. The solution is built to encourage meeting consistency and equal participation of the employees in different spaces- from huddle rooms to large conference rooms with the ability to see and hear everyone clearly. By leveraging Microsoft Teams Rooms, operations for real-time digital experience monitoring, the rooms are proactively monitored and managed to ensure frictionless collaboration among the remote and the in-person employees.
Wipro’s end-to-end meeting room management approach from consulting to change management benefits the organization by reducing their operating costs, simplifying workflows and obtaining transparency into their employee experiences.

Solution Benefits:

  • Prioritizing employee well-being by enabling effective collaboration on approved devices and customized rooms bolstering employee’s productivity and experience
  • Managed security services with threat monitoring and management
  • Centralized and transparent management through integrated operations and simplified workflows
  • Improved cost efficiency due to improvements in MTTR and reduction in inventory holding hosts with optimum resource utilization
  • Transformation, hyper-care support, on-demand

    In this one hour consulting service briefing, we will cover:
    • Service Inclusions
    • Key Considerations
    • Benefits

      Getting started on your meeting room transformation journey is simple.
      • Contact Wipro at for 1 hour briefing session
      • Wipro will arrange a no obligation assessment and consulting workshop
      • Further activities are contingent on the scope of the initial assessment

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