Get Ready for Copilot for Microsoft 365 with Zones Purview Workshop

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The goal of the Zones' Purview Workshop is to provide organizations with a tailored, 6-week journey to master data governance, safeguard data,

Zones' Workshop: Enabling Data Governance Excellence with Microsoft Purview & Microsoft 365 In a data-centric world, compliance and security are pivotal. Zones proudly presents the Microsoft Purview Workshop, specifically designed to empower organizations to expertly navigate the complexities of data governance. This initiative places special emphasis on accelerating and enhancing the deployment of Microsoft 365, supported by the robust capabilities of Microsoft Purview.

What We Offer: Our 6-week personalized workshop is a gateway to mastering data governance within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Led by Zones’ seasoned professionals, the program is tailored to facilitate: • Microsoft 365 Integration: Initiate or advance your journey with Microsoft 365, leveraging Purview to manage compliance across your suite of applications, enhancing productivity and data insights. • Tailored Enablement: Engage in dedicated sessions that highlight how to optimize Microsoft Purview in harmony with Microsoft 365, reinforcing your organization’s data governance framework. • Practical, Hands-On Learning: Through interactive workshops, your team will gain the skills to utilize the full range of Microsoft 365 tools, ensuring data is managed effectively and securely.

Anticipated Participant Outcomes: By the end of the workshop, participants will gain: • Strategic Mastery of Microsoft 365 & Purview: Deep insights into the integration of Microsoft Purview with Microsoft 365, enabling a more secure, compliant, and efficient workflow. • A Bespoke Governance Strategy: A tailored strategy that leverages Microsoft 365’s advanced features for data protection and compliance, ensuring your data governance is both robust and scalable. • Professional Growth and Networking: Opportunities to connect with industry peers, fostering a network of professionals versed in the advanced uses of Microsoft 365.

Elevate Your Enterprise with Zones’ Microsoft Purview Workshop: Join us to redefine and refine your data governance strategy, making the most of Microsoft 365’s transformative capabilities. Zones’ workshop is more than an introduction to Microsoft Purview; it’s a commitment to extend your mastery over Microsoft 365. Discover innovative ways to secure and manage your data, driving your organization towards remarkable growth and a significant competitive advantage.

Are you ready to harness the combined power of Microsoft Purview and Microsoft 365? Start your journey with Zones and unlock new dimensions of strategic data management.

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