Document Handling


The powerful way to send emails with documents attached from Business Central.

Send beautiful emails your recipients will trust – with the Document Handling app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This is why your Dynamics 365 Business Central needs Document Handling

In Sales you want to email Order Confirmations, Invoices etc to the customers. In Purchasing you want to email purchasing documents to the suppliers.

Out-of-the-box Business Central may get you some of the way, but Document Handling enables you to easily manage language versioning, edit the email content before sending, personalize, manage multiple recipients etc.

It’s also about trust

Many system-generated emails are not trusted. Don’t let your Invoice be mistaken for a malicious email attachment.

When you personalize the email, send it from your own email address, use the right language and name the attachment with an understandable name in the correct language – then your email will be trusted.

Main features

  • Edit before sending: Select an email template, send it as it is or edit the body of the email to personalize it to the specific recipient – and add attachments. 
  • Languages: Manage language versioning of email templates. You may translate you Invoice-template into 12 languages, and the language code on the specific customer will determine your email language.
  • Select recipients: You may select multiple recipient email-addresses from the Customer or Vendor card. Add recipients as CC or BCC.
  • Make more sense: You may configure the naming of the attached documents – and let it reflect you language versioning. This makes much more sense for the recipient, and attachments are not mistaken for being malicious.
  • Support Enhanced mail capabilities:  You can use Document Handling together with Business Central Enhanced email capabilities which supports for multiple accounts, Improved attachment management and distribution groups.

Works smoothly with other apps like:

  • Document Customizer - customize and layout your documents in only minutes.
  • Master Data Information - the simple way to manage master data in Business Central
  • Purchase Order Management – get an actionable overview of all requests unresponded by suppliers

In short

Document Handling provides you a full-featured solution to send emails with documents attached from Business Central. See features and pricing here.

Supported editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition.

Supported countries:

All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported languages:

Danish, English

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