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ABILITY.API for BC is a Solution to define dynamically REST-API-Endpoints to receive data from BC

Provide tabledata dynamically per REST

With ABILITY.API for BC, endpoints for fetching data per REST can be provided dynamically for all tables in business central. This applies to all standard tables as well as all tables from extensions of partners or from AppSource-Apps itself.
ABILITY.API for BC works completely without dependencies between apps.

Receive dynamically data of extendes Tables

All extended fields of tables can also be retrieved. This also applies to extended tables of business central standard and extensions from partners or AppSource-Apps. Here too, no dependencies to other apps are necessary.

Save Time and simplify your Workflow

This not only massively reduces the development time, but also incredibly simplifies the retrieval of data from other extensions without complicated dependencies.

Supported Editions
We support Business Central Essentials and Premium.

Supported Countries
This app supports all countries where Business Central is available.

Supported Languages
English, German, German (Austria)

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