BRC Logistics

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BRC Logistics integrates your WMS with Dynamics 365 Business Central

BRC Logistics is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central app that connects to standard 3PL Warehouse Management Systems

The warehouse management system receives item information from BC as well as Purchase, Transfer and Sales Order Request.

From these requests, the warehouse management system sends confirmation back to BC which automatically receive notifications and post shipments and receival of the items on each order.

Apart from the standard Sales- and Purchase flows, item adjustment, item balance and item movement can also be used to adjust inventory on a semi-automatic level I BC.

Key features of BRC Logistics

· Auto-send warehouse transactions from BC to Warehouse Management System such as purchase-, sales-, return-, transfer orders and Items

· Auto-receive warehouse transactions to BC from Warehouse Management System such as Sales shipments, Posted Transfer shipments and Purchase Receipt

· Item adjustments and movements are automatically handled

· Physical Inventory Journals are automatically given

· Provide control over the integration by presenting status messages and other details in Business Central

Benefits BRC Logistics

· Fast and simplified way to make setup in Business Central

· Connects to any standard warehouse management system such as 3PL Central, Aditro, Nyce WMS, Ongoing WMS, Bitlog, ShipHero, Alyson, Extend, Bergendals, Bonver, Posti, Schipt, Axla Logistics, Epix, SpeedGroup, Veracore, SMD, BX Software and more

· Connects to any standard return services such as nShift Return, EasyCom, Reclaimit, Return Center, TurnR and more

· Manage high volumes of transactions automatically


The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported Countries: All Countries

Supported Languages: This app is available in English (United States)

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