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Fully customizable weighted average cost calculation method integrated with ERP data

Quickly determine the exact valuation of your stocks!

Our weighted average unit cost calculation module is available. It will accompany you in establishing your purchase costs and will allow you a precise valuation of your stocks.

Our module consists of several steps:

• STEP 1: Getting Started

This step consists in configuring and customizing the calculation module to your needs.

You will be able to choose the method of calculating the weighted average cost according to 3 axes.

o Per item: the item has one and only one average cost.

o Per item/ store: each item has an average cost that is calculated separately per store.

o By item/ variant/ store: each item has an average cost that is calculated distinctly by variant and by store.

• STEP 2: for intuitive daily use

This step will allow you to calculate and update the average cost operationally. You can start calculating your weighted average unit costs. You can also make the calculation automatic.

• STEP 3: to adjust to your business needs

This step will guide you in setting up average cost entries.

You can modify the average cost entries to adjust the cost calculation based on your inventory entries.

• STEP 4: to view or share these cost calculations

Visualization & editing of stock valuations.

Excel export or print will be possible at this stage.

In short, what can we do with our CUMP extension?

• CUMP configuration by article, by article / store or by store

• Possible automation of CUMP for real-time consultation

• Export your inventory valuations to Excel

• Print your stock assessment tables

Why choose the WAC solution?

  • Easily value stock movements

  • Complete the Accounting module of Business Central

  • Accurately monitor price and cost developments

  • Reduce the risk of error with an internalized calculation in the ERP

  • Optimize the management of stocks

Supported countries

Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United States

Supported languages

The app is available in English (United States and French (France).

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