Purchase Requisition for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Streamline Procurement, Mitigate Risk, Lower Costs with Purchase Requisition for Business Central

Puts you in control of procurement and purchase order management, including approval workflow, leveraging low-cost Business Central Team Member license.

Purchase Requisition Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central is an add-on to the standard Business Central Purchase Quote-Purchase Order-Purchase Invoice process, the module supports formal requests prepared by employees (using low-cost Business Central Team Member license) to purchase goods or services. It includes a form with product description of the purchase need, the relevant department and budget item, the specific item(s) being requested and any related files/quotes/agreements for approvers' review.

Key benefits:

· Building on the Dynamics 365 Business Central that many organizations already use for centralized procurement and purchase management.

· Full control of procurement process using low-cost Business Central Team Member license.

· Early involvement from key stakeholders without detailed vendor or purchasing knowledge.

· Better control and visibility into the spend pipeline.

· Elimination of fraud and misconduct with ability to compare quotes before converting to order.

· Better financial and budget planning capabilities.

By providing employee self-service procurement capabilities, enhancing spend visibility, improving budget control efficiency, and promoting accountability throughout the supply chain, integrating purchase requisition into the procurement process brings numerous benefits - from purchasing process initiation and tracking important purchasing information, to involving the right stakeholders and approvers, and to establishing an auditable PO process that lessens the chances of error or fraud.

Key features:

· Requisition Categories: Establishes categories for requisition with unknown items or fixed assets, allowing the use of categories to raise a requisition

· No. Series for purchase requisition: Defines number series for requisitions systematically

· Item Template: Facilitates the creation of items automatically when selecting "new item"

· Requisition Approval Workflow: Uses standard approval workflow for request submission and approval

· Purchase Requisitions: Creates requisitions for either an existing or new item, or fixed asset. User provides the requisition description and the estimated value, assigns dimensions and attaches any documentation related to the requisition. Multiple lines can be added on a single requisition form. User then sends the requisition for approval. Once approved the requisition status changes to released and is then used to create a quote.

· Purchase Req. Worksheet: When the requisition is approved and released, users can use this worksheet to create and associate multiple purchase quotes. With this feature, users can create one or more quotes against the same requisition for quote comparison and thereafter, create a purchase order from the shortlisted purchase quote.

· Quote Comparison: Enables comparison and approval of multiple quotes against a single requisition. Approved quote is converted to a purchase order. A report is also available for multiple quotes comparison.

· Convert to Purchase Order: Streamlines approval workflow for selected quotes, resulting in a single quote to purchase order conversion.

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