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SmartConnect data change tracking ensures only new records are used in integration processes.

Data Integration is a complex science. Many integrations run slowly because you are reading more data than you need to for that integration. Do records go missing and never integrate? Do you try and select records based on dates and times that may be inaccurate? To be sure you do not miss any data do you run big clunky processes to copy all the data again?

Change tracking for SmartConnect ensures that only data that has changed since the last integration run is used in the next integration. Change tracking works across all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central entities and tracks all creates and updates to the specified records. This means you can be sure your integrations are accurate, you never miss a record and you are not putting unnecessary data integration load onto your cloud environment.

SmartConnect change tracking must be used in conjunction with the full SmartConnect IPaaS solution available at

Features and Benefits of SmartConnect and SmartConnect Change Tracking

  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with all your applications both in the cloud or on premise
  • Skip the developer: Build your integrations without writing a single line of code
  • Make your life easy: Manage all of your integration points in one easy to use app
  • Track your integrations: Error tracking and audit reports delivered to you as an email
  • Hands free integration: Schedule integrations to run when you are watching football or playing golf

Start integrating today by using change tracking for SmartConnect. Everyone on your team will be more efficient once all your systems are integrated together.

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