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Simplify reconciliation and ensure payment or refund for customer orders

Is your company working with e-commerce, offering several different payment methods to your customers? Do you experience challenges ensuring the right payment or refund for each individual order?

Offering the customer to choose from different payment methods is an appreciated service and is often a contributing factor when it comes to increasing number of orders per day. One of the challenges for e-commerce companies is to ensure payment for each of the received orders. If you are working in different markets, the payment also comes in several currencies. This, in combination with several different payment solutions, is often a big challenge for e-commerce companies that requires a lot of time consuming work every day.

Anyware Payments for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you to facilitate the reconciliation of payments and offers the ability to automate payment activation directly against Dynamics 365 Business Central. Anyware Payments offers integrations to some of the leading payment services on the market such as Klarna and Adyen.

    Features & benefits

    Anyware Payments helps you to simplify reconciliation and ensure payment for each individual order, as well as each refund for returns. This is done through one of two reconciliation methods:

    • Bank Account Reconciliation – Import a transaction file, containing all orders and returns that have been handled over a period of time. The transactions are matched against posted transactions in Business Central.
    • Payment Journal - This method is based on orders being open in the customer ledger after delivery. It is only after the file from the payment service is received that the order is posted as paid. Anyware Payments uses the same process as for bank account reconciliation, but with a different outcome.

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    Supported Editions:

    Essential & Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, on Premise & Cloud.

    Supported Countries:


    Supported Languages:

    Swedish & English.

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