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just plan it 365

NETRONIC Software GmbH

Easy & visual time and resource scheduling for small make-to-order manufacturers and job shops

Are you a make-to-order company and want a fast and clear answer to the question: when will you be able to deliver this? Wanna improve your delivery time commitments? Miss an easy production scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Find the manufacturing functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium is too complex?

The just plan it software was made to provide a visual and easy answer to these questions. The just plan it 365 app integrates just plan it with Dynamics 365 Business Central (Essentials) and brings an easy time and resource scheduling to manufacturers.

Your challenge: delivery times and delivery time commitments

When you are a make-to-order shop, your customers are king. You all know the situation of having an already full schedule when a machine goes down, and your top customer calls asking for an urgent delivery. He expects an immediate delivery date confirmation. You manage your schedule in Excel and didn’t update today. How to get a fast and reliable answer? By the time that your production scheduler has an update from all machine operators and a vague answer to your customer’s when question, the client most likely gave the order to your competitor.

just plan it helps you keep and win customers with improving your delivery time commitments.

Visual production scheduling made for small make-to-order shops

just plan it empowers SMB make-to-order companies and job shops to increase delivery time commitments. it is a visual scheduling application built for production planers and SMB business owners. It combines state-of-the-art scheduling techniques with advanced visual scheduling concepts. As such, just plan it allows giving an immediate and reliable answer to your customers’ when question.

What you get from just plan it

  • A visual production schedule (with Gantt charts)
  • that provides a fast and clear answer to the when question of your customers
  • based on always current information from the shopfloor

What you gain with just plan it

  • Improved delivery time commitments
  • Operational agility
  • Happier customers

Stop losing customers due to vague delivery time commitments.
Grow your business based on an always-current visual schedule.

  1. Create a just plan it (trial) account
  2. Download the just plan it 365 app

With this, you manage your business in Dynamics 365 Business Central, and your schedule in just plan it.

Supported Editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

This app is available in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and US.