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Extend Commerce 365 for Magento with Pimcore

Commerce 365 for Magento comes with a solid internal PIM module. But sometimes you need more.

When we built Commerce 365 for Magento, we have spent a lot of time on the development of the PIM module that is part of the standard product. And we are happy to see that most customers can perfectly well work with that PIM module to properly manage their online catalogs in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. But some customers need more advanced PIM capabilities. Such advanced features can be found in a PIM system like Pimcore. And, probably we will never add most of those features to the internal PIM, because it would be a complete overkill in functionality for most users.

So we decided to create an additional extension which makes Dynamics 365 Business Central and Pimcore seamlessly work together when it comes to managing your Magento catalogs.

How it works

With this extension you can simply define which Magento fields will be maintained by Business Central and which will be maintained by Pimcore. You can define this for both new and existing items. So, the insert strategy can be different from the update strategy.

I.E., you can choose to manage product name, status and visibility via Business Central, and let Pimcore take care of the descriptions, attributes, images and categories.

But a situation where you manage just categories and product attributes in BC, and let Pimcore manage everything else, is just as well possible.

You can even configure that Business Central will initialy create the Magento items and sets all descriptions and other fields, and that afterwards Pimcore becomes reponsible for further maintaining and updating those fields.

Direct contact with an expert

If you prefer not to directly install the software, but rather see the product in a live demo where you can also discuss your BC / Magento / Pimcore project? Feel free to contact us!


This extension is free of charge.

More information

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Supported editions

Essential and Premium editions of Business Central.

Supported languages

This app is available in English.

Supported countries

All countries where Business Central is available.

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