Croatian Payroll Module

pateikė DignetSoftware d.o.o.

Module delivers full support for payroll calculation for Croatia with JOPPD export, SEPA and more.

DignetSoftwaredeveloped module for payroll calculation for Croatia. It is suitablefor small or large number of employees.

Secondary income suchas copyright, sports fee and work contract are included as well.

In addition to regularworkers, it is possible to calculate the work of sent workers, disabled, young people and scholarships. It also includes records of working hours, records and calculationof suspensions, payments to a protected account, records of annual leaves. Itincludes all types of income and sick leave, and non-tax benefits that areallowed by law.

Adding new earnings iseasy through a setup to which the user also has access.

Creating and exporting JOPPD form for E-tax, as well as creating SEPA files with bank transfers forpayment is an integral part of the module.

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