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Add-on to Zorg ERP for Business Central, ERP-software for Healthcare Institutions

This is an add-on to Zorg ERP

For healthcare, by healthcare.

We work together with hospitals and healthcare institutions to help contribute to a better healthcare experience in the Netherlands. We do this by reducing administrative burdens and save costs in business processes through a functionally rich ERP solution. Sector knowledge, technological innovations and the social interest play a central role in this. This way, we offer healthcare professionals a helping hand with professional knowledge and the innovative power of Axians and our partners.

Zorg ERP offers the following functionalities: Purchase, Finance, Logistics, Care Logistics, HRM and Payroll, which makes it a total ERP-solution. This will lead to a more efficient and effective support of the primary care processes.

With improved inventory management, automated process support, watertight AO/IC with real-time insight and predictive support, we increase the efficiency of support services in cure, care and mental health care. More efficient back office processes lead to more budget and time for what really matters: Good, affordable and available care.

Our software is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.

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