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Complete the Italian localization and expand functionalities with advanced control system

Cegeka "Advanced Finance for Italy" app integrates:
⦁    Extend standard italian localization fitting gap with italian regulation
⦁    Allow your company to have a complete view of your accounting statement
⦁    Manage your business partner linking supplier & customer during process flow
⦁    Simulate the effect of the transactions with analytical accounting
⦁    Allocate costs incurred and revenues received in the right year
⦁    Allocate indirect cost with flexible rules"

Improve your business with our Financial app:
⦁    More financials accounting reports
⦁    VAT settlement management
⦁    Support bank management flow and reconciliation
⦁    Customers / Vendor compensation
⦁    Erosion detail in VAT exemptions
⦁    Extra Cost Accounting Management
⦁    Revenue/Cost detection
⦁    Competence Management
⦁    Cost Driving"

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Supported editions:
This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported countries:

Supported languages:
English, Italian

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