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A complete solution for Indent management with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Indent Management System (IMS) addon is a complete solution in Dynamics 365 Business Central procurement process. By indent, Procurement department analyzes the need of items / services, refer purchase and consumption history, plan procurement and estimating the cost.

It simplifies and centralize the process of purchase requisition, request for quotation, send enquiry email, quote comparison, material issue for non-production use and return it back to store.


  • Real time tracking of requisition thru enhanced role center/dashboard with cues and MIS reports.
  • Integration of Purchase, stores and user department.
  • Send enquiry email to vendors/suppliers.
  • Enhanced quote comparison to rate vendors based on levels L1, L2, L3.
  • Purchase history of high and low-price procurement in past.
  • Consumption history of items for planning and decision of procurement at right time.
  • Create RFQ, quote, and purchase order from requisition. Include multiple requisitions in one document.
  • Create Warehouse pick for production order line wise to take components from default bin.
  • Create internal movement for the production order components, to return unconsumed components for selected order line from production bin to default bin at specified location.
  • Reports to view purchase orders placed with competitive bid or without competitive bid for specified order amount.
  • Calculate indent-PR items in requisition worksheet.
  • Nonmoving Report to view items which have ended up idle in storage location during specified period, no sale/consumption transaction in location and selected period.
  • Material Requisition, Issue and Return note for direct consumption, loan, service and contract activity for Item, Resources, Tool etc.
  • Status, transaction and MIS reports.

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

Canada, India, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands and United States. Supported Languages English only.

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