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Supply Chain Cloud for Distribution

Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.

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SUPPLY CHAIN CLOUD for Distribution optimizes distribution within Dynamics 365 F&O

The Blue Horseshoe SUPPLY CHAIN CLOUD for Distribution intuitively integrates the capability to control and optimize Order Fulfillment, Inventory Management through Distribution Management. The SUPPLY CHAIN CLOUD for Distribution allows enterprises the flexibility to manage gross profit and profitability by integrating more configurations and control for demand, orders, inventory and delivery.

Key Features

Enterprise Collaboration Portal

  • Vendor/Customer

Advanced Reservation Management

  • Allocations
  • ATP
  • Sourcing - Region, Warehouse, Store - based on inventory availability and cost
  • Inventory Segmentation
  • Customer Order Promising

Advanced Inbound Order & Inventory Management

  • Landed Cost - Inbound shipment cost at vendor ship point to warehouse level
  • Vendor Owned/Managed
  • Trailer Audit

Order Hold Management

  • Automated Business Rules

Backorder Management/Strategies

Return Order Management

  • Return policy enforcement

Sales Order Management

  • Customer Buying Rules, Mins, Maxes, Restrictions
  • Quick Order Entry
  • Automated Direct Delivery
  • Substitution
  • Retail label compliance
  • Customer delivery calendar tools
  • Cost plus pricing templates
  • Dynamic and Static Routing Support
  • Customer Level Order Settings