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Dynaway EAM for Manufacturing

Dynaway A/S

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Enterprise Asset Management/CMMS for Manufacturing

Dynaway EAM for Manufacturing is the de facto standard for Enterprise Asset Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Its seamless integration to the Dynamics 365 platform enables efficient, continuous planned maintenance of your production equipment. Using Dynaway EAM for Manufacturing cuts costs by helping reduce the risk of machine downtime and minimize unplanned production interruptions, improving overall production performance.

Dynaway EAM for Manufacturing Enables:

  • Improved machine effectiveness with preventive maintenance capabilities
  • Insight into downtime with intelligent business reporting
  • Optimized uptime and extended equipment life expectancy
  • Improved visibility regarding production performance
  • Automated management of maintenance processes and assets
  • Optimized work order scheduling
  • Efficient spare parts management, ensuring complete overview of item consumption on assets
  • Advanced work order management
  • Preventive, predictive, and reactive maintenance
  • Reduced production costs via enhanced visibility of assets across sites and departments
  • Visibility into real-time asset costing information
  • Advanced cost control on assets, locations, faults, work hours, and work orders
  • Reduction in maintenance overtime, labor, and contractor costs
  • Online and offline access to information and management of processes via the Mobile Client
  • Service portal on the Mobile Client for efficient request handling
  • Planning board on the Mobile Client for quick scheduling and rescheduling of work orders
  • Kanban board on the Mobile Client, optimized for completing work orders in teams

Try the Dynaway EAM for Manufacturing solution today

  • The Maintenance Worker solves maintenance tasks, completes work orders, creates requests
  • The Maintenance Planner manages planning and scheduling of work orders
  • The Maintenance Supervisor manages work orders and requests, maintains asset master data
  • The Maintenance Manager is in charge of the maintenance organization and the related budget

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