Sales Order Management for Distribution


Tools for distributors to provide better service to B2B customers

ENAVATE’s Sales Order Management App is a toolbox of order management features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 designed for distributors. This collection of features gives your organization the tools to better handle the requirements placed on distributors by their customers. Reduce order-entry errors, increase consistency and improve customer service by reducing workarounds.
The Sales Order Management App includes the following features:
Order Types
For most orders at a distribution company, the standard sales order workflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 meets requirements. But there are exceptions. This feature has templated several unorthodox order flows to help customer service reps process these orders more efficiently. This includes billing only, bill complete, bill now-ship later, sample orders and more. These instances are frequently handled with workarounds, leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies. With a templated framework, customer service reps will save time and improve service levels.
Product Sets
A Product Set is a list of items that can be sold (or not sold) to a customer. Most distributors sell diverse product lines and have a diverse customer base, and certain products may not be contractually available to all customers. The Product Sets feature solves this, by allowing distributors to create inclusion or exclusion lists of items and assign them to customers, customer groups or even custom hierarchies of customers. The result is a powerful, flexible tool.
Product Substitution Management
Distributors commonly offer customers a different product if the ordered item is out of stock, or a cheaper product with the same functionality is available. This is product substitution. Distributors should consider substitutions to improve customer satisfaction, margins and inventory management. Standard Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is limited to offering alternate items only if an item is not available in inventory. But distributors need more flexibility; this App empowers distributors to create rules that offer alternatives based on relative margin, customer satisfaction and other factors, rather than just when an item is out of stock. The ENAVATE App applies these rules seamlessly during order entry.
Customer Order Cues
The Customer Order Cues functionality provides a consistent template for distributor reps to track required data for customer accounting departments to improve processing time and invoice-to-cash. For example, some customers want to record a cost center on every order. The Customer Order Cues functionality allows distributors to customize and template additional fields within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance for specific customers or customer types; this makes order processing quicker and more consistent, and significantly reduces errors. It also adds value for the customer, who no longer has to track down that data on its own.
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