AMC Banking 365 Finance

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AMC Banking 365 Finance simplifies complex banking and cash management concerns on a global scale

AMC Banking 365 Operations is the leading organizational banking module entrusted by multi-national corporations, government institutions, charitable associations, and countless local businesses around the world. With over 20 years of experience in leading integrated banking innovation, AMC Banking 365 Operations is a simple-to-use module that is the also most advanced and intuitive available on the market today.

AMC Banking 365 Operations supports over 300 of the world’s largest banks and adding more continually. Increase your organizations efficiency and productivity by utilizing our insightful payment services, cutting-edge customizable customer payment matching, and automated bank reconciliation. Automate many of your daily cash management processes to reduce repetitive remedial work functions.

AMC Banking 365 Operations is an out of the box solution enabling you to start quickly, reducing your time and precious resources on countless consultant hours and having to develop your own bank formats and customizations.

Additional benefits:
  • Sensitively tailored security roles encouraging segregation of duties increasing internal protections and reducing mismanagement
  • Fraud protection via bank account approval workflows
  • Automatic matching and processing of customer payments
  • Automatic posting of recurring transactions such as fees, interests etc.
  • Intuitive and automatic vendor payment processing
  • “Best Price” logic ensuring cheapest payment execution possible
  • Secure communication preventing file manipulation
  • Enable “Host-to-Host” integration with banks
  • Centralized payment functionality with or without intercompany posting
  • Fully functioning end-to-end bridge compatibility
  • Supports all major payment types including international wire transfers, ACH, EFT, SEPA, Direct Debit, etc.
  • Positive pay check fraud protection
  • Lockbox import and auto match
  • Payment notification offering actual bank exchange rates, execution dates etc.
  • Community based bank maintenance offering automatic up-to-date bank formats
  • Automatic detailed email payment advices
  • Generate graphics and chart to help analyze cash management processes
  • Fully compliant with all global banking regulations and AML policies

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