Cost Allocation and Settlement

pateikė ANEGIS Group

Take full control of cost allocation and settlement with real-time data in Dynamics 365.

An integrated module for Dynamics 365 that enables the automation of cost allocation and settlement. 

Allocating and settling indirect costs is a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. The ANEGIS Cost Allocation and Settlement module allows you to automate the process and let Dynamics 365 do the heavy lifting for you. Using lagging financial data leads to unreliable costs analysis. The module enables settlement with real-time data, allowing in-depth and accurate financial analysis.

Module functionality includes the ability to:

  • define any number of algorithms/keys for cost settlement
  • define deviation indicators
  • generate costs allocation/accounting allocation; post both to the General ledger as well as project transactions
  • perform settlement by source of main account and financial dimensions, into other financial dimensions
  • define the scope of accounts included in the specific definition of cost settlement
  • define the scope within the financial dimension
  • define non-financial keys (kilometre, hour, metre, etc.)
  • define formulas with which to perform cost settlement
  • distribute account balances (e.g. purchase costs, deviations) according to the proportion of materials used
  • generate in the General ledger an unrecorded financial spreadsheet with an appropriate allocation of costs in account records/projects
  • define the order of calculations according to definition (stage queue) – building sets containing several calculations arranged by the specific conversion logic
  • generate calculation results to a selected table, e.g. valuation sheet, rate table.


For example, the module can be set up to take the hourly rate of an employee and then charge production orders with the cost according to the hours registered on the order. Or, to settle the costs of machine failure and maintenance on production orders according to the key of hours registered on a given machine in a specific production order.

Use flexible logic to define and automate the process of allocating and settling costs, generating transactions in the General ledger or projects.

Built on the powerful business logic of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations, the ANEGIS Cost Allocation and Settlement module provides enhanced functionality to save you time, effort and expense, and ensures you have the operational visibility necessary to make reliable analysis and informed decisions.

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