Crowe Lease Management

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Crowe Lease Management for Dynamics 365

Crowe Lease Management is a comprehensive lease management, accounting, and financial reporting solution specifically designed for lessors. Developed by the certified accounting and technology professionals at Crowe LLP, this application allows organizations to optimize their entire lease management process, increase lease transparency, and automate their revenue process. Built entirely within Dynamics 365 Finance, the application supports lessor specific requirements including the recently issued accounting standards (ASC 842 & IFRS 16).

Key features:

  • Automates the calculation of straight-line lease revenue schedules in compliance with the newly issued accounting standards (ASC 842 & IFRS 16), reducing the risk of error from manual entry or spreadsheets
  • Includes lease reports specifically designed to meet quantitative disclosure requirements in accordance with respective accounting standards
  • Electronic storage of key documents, such as master lease agreements, invoices, lease amendments, for increased transparency into lease portfolio for improved decision making
  • Allows for ease of lease data analysis, including critical due dates, future cash flow projections, expected revenue, and profitability
  • Integrates with existing Dynamics 365 Finance modules, including Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Fixed Assets
  • Utilizes existing Dynamics 365 Finance chart of accounts, currencies, customers, journals, and number sequences
  • Automatically generates billing invoices and revenue journal entries recorded in customer sub-ledger accounts and the general ledger for ease of financial reporting
  • Tracks lease contracts in local currency and automatically converts to reporting currency based general ledger reporting set-ups.  

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