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InContext Virtual Commerce

Reimagine the Online Shopping Experience in 3D

InContext, the global leader in 3D visualization retail software, has joined forces with Microsoft to provide the experience of 3D in-store shopping through the web. Retailers and brands using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for e-commerce can seamlessly integrate immersive 3D spaces into their current 2D website—creating differentiated shopping experiences, greater product clarity, and increased impulse buys through innovative merchandising, advertising and promotional strategies.

Why Virtual Commerce?

Traditional online shopping lacks discovery and impulse purchases—plus, it’ just plain boring. InContext and Microsoft Dynamics have joined to take online shopping into the metaverse, creating an experience that delights your shoppers and transforms how you market, merchandise and imagine your online store.

· 70% of shoppers like shopping in 3D as much, or more, that shopping in-store

· 50% of shoppers say they are more likely to return to a retailer’s website who offers 3D

· 35% of households with kids and 30% of millennials favor the virtual store experience

By integrating a 3D commerce experience with your retail website, you’ll benefit from robust product details, agile merchandising, and real-time shopper data.

About InContext:

InContext is reinventing the shopping experience with leading-edge virtual store technology and insights. ShopperMX, InContext’s virtual visualization platform for storytelling, collaboration & shopper insights, enables retail teams to visualize first in a digital twin of the store to maximize ROI, and is helping retailers and brands take their first steps into the metaverse of retail. For more information, visit us at

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