NMB Gateway for Parcel

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A native Microsoft experience that automates and optimizes your supply chain.

NMB’s Gateway for Parcel brings you a native Microsoft experience which makes implementation, training, and ongoing support and maintenance much easier and far more efficient. It enables companies to pack and ship smarter, reducing time and cost per package and providing the ability to deliver shipping charge estimates to their customers. Gateway for Parcel offers a powerful solution with its Packing Workbench, which brings easy to use, pre-configured workflows to your operation via an easy to deploy step-by-step process.

NMB’s Gateway for Parcel brings you the most advanced rate-shopping engine on the market. For every shipment, the system will select the best service option that meets your customer’s timeframes at the lowest possible cost. It also allows you to incorporate it into an order-entry rate shop process connected to your e-commerce operation or simply to provide costs to your customers over the phone. The solution provides you with the power to master the confusing array of documents required when you ship internationally. For example, based on rules you define, NMB’s FIRE (Flexible International Rules) Engine will automatically print customs documents, certificates of origin, commercial invoices and hazmat documentation to ensure you stay in compliance with all of your global shipments.

Over the past 5 years our customers have saved millions of dollars and built scalable operations that have allowed them to grow and improve customer satisfaction.

Solution at a glance:

Native Microsoft Experience - Familiar user experience makes on-boarding and training quick and seamless

Packing Workbench - Configure optimal process and automate pick & pack workflow

Dynamic Rate Shopping - Automatically selects the best rate and service options to meet delivery timeframes

API Integration - Real time communication to carriers and partners

NMB Data Insights - Standard and real-time performance KPIs

Flexible International Rules Engine (FIRE) - FIRE automatically creates the right documentation for export

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