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Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF) in Poland JPK Jednolity Plik Kontrolny

SAF by Sii is an application designed and addressed to all types of companies.

Application allows you to generate all types of SAF (JPK_V7M/V7K, JPK_FA(3), JPK_MAG, JPK_KR, JPK_WB). Our application is based on the standard Dynamics 365, but does not interfere with its standard mechanisms. Data is generated for dedicated tables, from which they are properly processed to the required formats.

Why customers use SAF by Sii​?

This at-a-glance box​:

  • Easy to parameterize​,
  • Automates data generation process​,
  • Automates data verification process​,
  • Works for multiple SAF file types: JPK_V7M, JPK_V7K, JPK_FA(3), JPK_MAG, JPK_KR, JPK_WB​,
  • Allows visualize and send SAF Files directly from Dynamics 365 to The Ministry of Finance,
  • It supports a qualified electronic signature and a trusted ePUAP profile.

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