Vyas Advanced Intuitive Pricing for D365

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Pricing solution for Wholesale Distributors to accommodate complex pricing strategies

Advanced Intuitive Pricing solution for Wholesale Distributors in Microsoft D365 F&O
The Advanced Intuitive Pricing solution by Vyas Consulting provides wholesale distributors the flexibility to calculate pricing in many different ways. By choosing from various bases and calculation methods, distributors have the power to accommodate complex pricing strategies and protect their margins. A few of the many features of Advanced Intuitive Pricing solution are:
• Simplified Vendor pricing updates
• Flexible pricing calculation methods including fixed price, cost plus, or discount off list price
• Ability to calculate bases for pricing calculations beyond just item cost or a single list price (e.g. multiple alternate list price options, separate sell cost from item replacement cost)
• Multiplier and discount calculation options
• Pricing simulator
• Real-time margin and profitability analysis
• Master data management by warehouse/branch

Vyas Consulting’s Advanced Intuitive Pricing solution is easy to learn, easy to use, and the solution flexibility empowers distributors to calculate pricing to meet their specific requirements. Contact us today for more information and a demo.

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