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Govern your approvals with the only self-contained, no-development solution for D365 CRM CE.

An approval management solution that lets D365 CRM for Customer Engagement users create approval management flows for any record type in the CRM.

Armanino's Approvals Management for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CRM) is the only solution designed to give users the freedom to create approval request workflows within D365 CE. This gives companies the ability to set up, streamline and tailor approval processes to specific needs ― without a custom build or workaround.  For example, you can use approvals to easily send quotes to management for approval, before sending them to customers.

Approvals Management gives you:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with the D365 for Customer Engagement suite (CRM)
  • Maximum freedom to apply and request approvals where needed
  • Unlimited, multiple tiered approvals and options to specify and/or conditions at each tier
  • The ability to create approval pools with multiple members at each tier
  • The ability to apply rules to trigger approval requests through out-of-the-box workflow
  • Automatic approval task creation and routing
  • Automatic approval status updates when tasks are completed
  • Notification alerts sent out via email for faster approvals
  • Straightforward configuration by simple record creation

Additional Benefits

  • Same day setup and training for up to two approvals, with minimal installation and training time required
  • No need to build custom approval processes
  • Dashboards clearly indicate open approvals waiting response
  • Can designate non-licensed CRM approvers, and extendable via Dynamics Portal Add-On
  • Ideal for quotes, work orders, managerial and customer approvals
  • Extendable to any entity  ― system or custom
  • No-plugin solution that leverages workflows and pre-built custom steps for easier maintenance and configurability
  • Can leverage FetchXml for complex approval conditions
  • In addition to pre-defined approvers, capacity to specify dynamically based on records respectively through FetchXml

Armanino offers the only purpose-built approvals management solution designed to make this process easy and simple across the entire enterprise using D365 for Customer Engagement (CRM). Contact us to get started.

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