InteractionSync for Amazon Connect from TTEC Digital

pateikė TTEC Digital

InteractionSync from TTEC Digital integrates Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Amazon Connect

InteractionSync for Amazon Connect from TTEC Digital provides contact center agents with a unified view of Amazon Connect interactions within Microsoft Dynamics 365, fueling exceptional customer experiences consistently with speed and quality.

Designed as a cloud-based software product, its unique user interface can save agents significant time by enabling them to navigate faster and use fewer keystrokes to access customer information. Even more of their time can be saved through intelligent screen pops and automatic creation of Dynamics 365 Activities.

InteractionSync for Amazon Connect increases interaction quality because agents will be able to spend more time focusing on the customer instead of navigating disparate systems. It also helps business teams increase their operational performance by providing access to more data for management decision making and enabling faster agent on-boarding.

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