BaseCap Analytics Issue Management

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Access your BaseCap Issue Management Data within your Dataverse environment

BaseCap’s mission is to help organizations make better business decisions by improving the accuracy and the quality of the information they rely on. Our Platform employs a wide ranging set of tools for users to identify what are the corrective measures to remove duplicates, ensure completeness and accuracy, and validate data against reference tables.

One of the core components of the BaseCap platform is Issue Management. When issues in our customers’ data arise, collaboration among team members is crucial in remediating problematic areas. BaseCap’s Data Quality Manager supports this effort by allowing users to assign issues to one another, provide updates and track resolution steps, and by presenting key metrics to help ensure each and every data quality issue is being resolved. 

Now, BaseCap is bringing the power of its Issue Management solution to Microsoft’s Power Platform. Access your company’s issue data from within Dataverse through our custom virtual table data provider. Leverage the capabilities of the Power Platform to build your own Power Apps on top of that issue data, and discover new and meaningful ways to present your data quality issues.

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