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Helps manage the entire collection life cycle

While your sales order book looks great, the job is not done till we collect on the invoices raised. Our solution helps streamline the collection process, allows collaboration between teams and ensures that your cash-flow is always healthy.

While most orgs. have sales tools, collections are managed manually. Our solution automates the entire collection process - from tracking invoices, reminders, creation of collection requests and their assignment, escalation and monitoring.

Predefined best practices get you started immediately. Flexible process configurations allow you to tweak the processes as you need. Monitoring tools flags you in advance. Mobile access ensures real-time field collaboration & intervention.

The system integrates all the stakeholders - sales, delivery, accounts, back-office, customers and dealers through a unified collaborative platform. communication and dispute management become easy and delays are eliminated.

Timely collection of dues has a significant impact on your organization’s financial health. While sales booking numbers are important, we often miss the fact that the deal closure is the first step in a long and tedious road to delivering on the promises and collection of dues. While organizations invest in state-of-the-art sales and accounting tools when it comes to managing collections most organizations rely on manual effort. As a result, a significant process gap exists between the Booking, Billing and Collection (the BBC gap, as we call it) which if not addressed, results in poor organizational performance, inter-departmental frictions and more importantly, poor customer relationship.

The collection management solution from C Centric is designed to address all these issues. It automates the collection process, ensures timely communication with customers, provides a platform of collaboration between all stakeholders- the accounts and back office, sales, delivery, customer and partners, monitors the process every step of the way and automatically escalate deviations. The reporting and analytics tool ensures real-time tracking and monitoring of the collection process.

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