Renewal and Collection Management for Insurance

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specially designed for Insurance companies to manage the Policy Renewals & Collection process

Our solution helps the Renewals team automate their customer engagement process, monitor progress & manage collections on a real-time basis. Some of the key features of the solution are: AUTOMATED & INCLUSIVE Automates the entire process, from creation of requests, assignment, escalation, field coordination, monitoring & escalations. Ingrates all the players in the collection process - internal teams, field agents, partners etc. EFFICIENT Predefined best practices gets you started immediately. Flexible process configurations allows you to tweak the processes as you need. Monitoring tools flags you in advance. Mobile access ensures real-time field collaboration & intervention. INTELLIGENT Inbuilt analytics on target vs. actual, persistancy score, ageing employee / team performance etc. ensures control on the collection process. Automated interventions and escalations ensures the right users are notified at the right time. Renewal & Collection Management Solution from C Centric, helps insurance cos manage the entire renewal & collection life-cycle by integrating all systems, stakeholders, partners, and external entities through a series of well-orchestrated business processes. The system captures policy and customer information, allows grouping of policies in queues, automatic creation of collection requests and their assignment. The engagement with policyholders are guided through flexible business processes. Collaboration with customers, internal team members and field agents happen in real-time through web, tablets or mobiles. With access to real-time data, Management users can now easily monitor key matrices like persistency scores, target vs. actuals, team and individual performances, collection pipeline, policies at risk etc. and take quick actions whenever necessary. The solution reduces time to collect, ensures higher persistency score, better customer interactions & most importantly, higher revenue.

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