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Sales management for financial services - built on Power Apps

Investing large amount of time in piecing together sales data in a random spreadsheet just does not make sense anymore. A need for a robust sales management solution which saves time, boosts productivity of the sales team is the need! Our sales management solution built on power apps does just that.It  is specifically built to cater all sales management functions for financial services industry. It comes preloaded with lead management, contact & account management and activity management functions.

  • Right balance between feature and flexibility -We ensure that your business requirements are met and at the same time the solution remains simple and manageable.
  • Tested and certified -all our solutions go through the most rigorous testing and validations and receives Microsoft’s highest quality certification for partner solutions.
  • Feature rich - Extensive functionalities born out of deep understanding of the financial services industry makes sure that most of your requirements are met out-of-box.
  • Flexible - A flexible solution framework allows you to configure your unique processes quickly.
  • Access anywhere – the solution not only works on desktop, but also on tablet and smart phones allowing you to work in offline mode.
  • Built on a world-class business application platform – MSFT PowerApps offers a flexible and adaptive development framework, built-in intelligence and a best-in class cloud infrastructure.

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