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Crowe CRM for Banking modernizes and automates bank operations with Dynamics 365

Banks are working hard to adapt to emerging trends and digital technology. A well-executed customer relationship management (CRM) strategy, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 at its center, helps banks digitally transform and create a more customer-centric culture that focuses on delivering great customer experiences.

What to Expect from Crowe CRM for Banking:

  • 360-degree View of the Customer
  • Integrate sales, marketing, and customer service functions, allowing access and sharing of information across departments and product lines.
  • Workflow Automation
  • Automated alerts and workflows help banks reduce the time required to resolve inquiries. Workflows also streamline processes across functional areas, such as automating customer on-boarding or qualifying a commercial line of credit.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Predictive analytics helps banks understand and expand the customer lifetime value. Relationship managers can check overall account, loan and churn rate helping them foster customer loyalty. Lifetime events, such as buying a car, help relationship managers recommend the next best product or service.
  • Activity Management
  • Quickly capture call notes and schedule follow up activities for timely follow up. Efficient activity management helps banks increase revenue opportunity, accelerate lead conversion rates and foster a proactive approach to customer communication.
  • Marketing
  • Develop relevant, targeted marketing campaigns and customer communications. Dynamics 365 helps banks prioritize leads, track referrals, monitor social insights, and record every interaction in one place.
  • Social Network Management
  • LinkedIn and other social media integrations establish network connections and drive new referral leads.
  • Lead Management
  • Automate your lead management and sales qualification process in one central location. Convert incoming leads from email messages and use guided dialogues to streamline the qualification process.

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