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Recover and resolve problem loans by streamlining your workflow, task tracking, and reporting

Crowe Problem Loan Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows lenders to scale their problem loan management processes to assist distressed borrowers and reduce risk of loss. Proactively managing problem loans, in good times and bad, will enhance the position of a lending institution.

▪ Track deferrals, automate follow up, and intelligently facilitate TDR decisioning down the road
▪ Automate and aggregate reporting across all your problem loans
▪ Facilitate best practices across your team members working the loans
▪ Calculate reserve amounts in compliance with standards
▪ Centralize notes and task tracking, keeping your team on track and informed

Problem loan queue view
Review the status and key metrics for all problem loans in a single view. Drill into any account to review the watched asset report, notes, and action items.

Watched asset reporting

Tell the full story of every problem loan with automatic report population. Facilitate timely review with on-demand reporting.

Reserve calculator

Guess work is removed with Crowe’s managed impairment calculator, supporting collateral dependent and net present value of future cash flow valuation methodologies.
Relationship monitoring
Record notes about borrower activity and conversations in a central location. Facilitate collaboration and keep everyone on the same page.

Action item tracking

Configure checklists to auto-populate as milestones are reached, or manually add and assign tasks to be completed.

Optimized problem loan onboarding

Intelligent onboarding ensures you are only plugging in necessary details. Help text is provided along the way to clarify ambiguous accounting requirements.

Standardized assumptions

Set institution-wide parameters to create consistency in such fields as liquidity discounts and selling costs.

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